Join the Shop Pacifica eGift Card Program Today

Shop Pacifica eGift Card dollars stay in Pacifica and benefit our shops, restaurants, and community.

There is a profound sense of community in Pacifica. Our residents support shopping local and local business. With the holiday season upon us, the City of Pacifica is working with the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce and the City’s Economic Development Committee (EDC) to bring our residents and local businesses together with the Shop Pacifica eGift card.

Residents, Visitors and Consumers can purchase the card online and then use them as gifts or for self-use. Companies can use it for employee rewards, anniversary gifts, customer appreciation, survey incentives, contests, and anything they might have purchased a gift card for.

There is no cost for a business to participate in Shop Pacifica.

To join the program:

1. Apply Online – Click the Apply To Join button at the very bottom of the Shop Pacifica Gift Card website at–ca-pacifica (The program is open to businesses located in Pacifica with a current Business License payment on file at the City).

2. Activate on POS – Once your account is added to the Shop Pacifica program (usually within 1 day), you simply run a 10-cent charge (or whatever is your minimum) on a prepaid Mastercard that Yiftee, our technology partner, will send you by email (the “Activation Card”). This is your authorization to participate in the Shop Pacifica gift card program.

3. Redeem Shop Pacifica eGift Cards – To accept Shop Pacifica cards, you need to be able to process a key-entry (like a phone order) using a Mastercard payment. Your business is paid through your credit card bank in your normal settlement, with your normal Mastercard CNP processing fee. The card will only work at participating merchants in Pacifica.

As part of the Shop Pacifica program, you are agreeing to Yiftee’s Merchant Agreement found at More information on the program can be found in the Yiftee Merchant Orientation video at

I encourage you to act soon if you want to accept these eGift Cards and the additional spending and dollars they bring to your store. I look forward to your reply to this exciting offer for Pacifica businesses.