Left to Right: Sue Beckmeyer, Mary Bier, Bridget Duffy, Vickie Flores, Incumbent-John Keener,
Incumbent-Mike O'Neill, Adonica Shaw-Porter

Question 1:
What is your position on the Beach Boulevard project? How do you feel about having an Ocean Discovery Center on the site next to a hotel?  

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Question 2:
What is your position on the Library Project, are you for or against the current course that the City has taken or not.   Do you favor two libraries or one new library?

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Question 3:
What is your position on Managed Retreat are you for or against and why?

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Question 4:
How would you get more businesses to come to Pacifica? What would you do to keep businesses here?

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Question 5:
What is your position, for or against, on rent control and why?
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Question 6:
What is your plan to promote or encourage the development of "workforce housing" with priority for Pacifica teachers, firefighters, police and others supporting our community?
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Question 7:
Businesses and others continue to complain about high fire inspection fees, which exceed those in other communities.  How would you address these concerns?  Would you support continuing working with Daly City and Brisbane or, going out to other entities, like South San Francisco, or Cal Fire to provide fire administration and management?  Given the fact that California has been on fire almost year around, do you feel it may be appropriate to put resources towards wild fire prevention and education?
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Question 8:
What is your position on Highway One widening and why?  The current council returned the funds to Caltrans.  Would you ask for Caltrans to reinstate the project?
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Question 9:
How can the city better promote tourism?

Given that hotel tax is one of our most consistent sources of revenue for Pacifica, the City has worked with the Chamber in creating and sustaining the Business Improvement District (BID) with the Hotels. The BID has hosted visits to Pacifica with room nights and itineraries resulting in Pacifica being seen across many media outlets.  In the past, the City partnered with the chamber and awarded them an annual grant that started at $45,000 to assist with the visitor center.  A few years ago that amount was reduced and finally eliminated.   Would you support reinstating funding for the chamber and visitor center to expand tourism promotion?  What other ways would you suggest to promote tourism?
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Question 10:
Given that we have had record breaking fires seasons in California for the last few years, and given that more than half of the City is Green space, what do you believe the city should be doing in terms of planning, prevention, and enforcement to prevent the scenarios we see playing out on the news in other California towns and cities?

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ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS BY AUDIENCE: (more answers still to come)

Audience Question 1:
From: Jeff Guillet: The ESA Sea Level Rise Adaption Plan has a lot of references that are not scientific and have not been PEER reviewed. If you could change something about the ESA Report on SLR, what would it be?

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Audience Question 2:

From ?: Residents have been told that the PPD’s hands are tied when dealing with people living in the their vehicles on Pacifica streets. Other than moving the vehicle every so often there are no regulations, no prohibition. The squatters present a health & safety risk. We are on the Internet as an okay place to camp. Other cities have prohibited living in the streets. What are your thoughts?
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