Listen to the sound of the waves rolling on the beaches' edge. Hear the seagulls as they seem to float in the wind and play amid the glittering white water. Watch and wonder at the grace of the pelicans as they dive.  Then sit and sense the calmness that this beautiful cove, Rockaway Beach, gives to its visitors.

It is no wonder that this cove brought a man from thousands of miles away to make it his home. The place was Macedonia, Greece, 1887, where Stalios Karagianis was born. Twenty years passed when this young man boarded a ship called the Konstantinos and set off for America. reaching New York he traveled across the country to San Francisco. upon arrival in the City By the Bay, work was first in order. His work ranged from a vegetable store to a jitney driver, then work on the Ocean Shore Railroad which brought him to this beautiful coast.

Work then took him from the from the coast side back to San Francisco where he worked in a glass factory. Karagianis was later to become a building contractor. It was during this time that Karagianis sent for his wife Anastasia to join him. A house was bought in Daly City and soon three girls, and last, one boy were to be born.

In 1927  Karagianis returned to the coast and bought a piece of property on the water's edge here at Rockaway beach. A business was first built selling sandwiches, peanuts and candy to fishermen and beach goers. Upon arriving for work one morning Karagianis found his business burned to the ground. Karagianis proceeded to rebuild and it wasn't long before he was back in business. Following the opening, fire struck again. No one can really say what inspired him to rebuild a third time, but he reopened to serve those who visited Rockaway Beach.

In the years to follow the family moved to reside at the business and make Rockaway their home. Years passed and what was most difficult in visiting the Rockaway Beach stop was not finding it, but pronouncing the owner's name. Being told so often about no one being able to pronounce his name Karagianis changed it to be on record as Charles Gust. Friends then began to call Karagianis Charlie Gust, and traveled narrow roads and many miles to visit the Greek at Rockaway Beach.

Charlie has passed on, but he lived to see his small rockaway stop become one of the most unique and pleasurable dining spots along the Pacific Coast. Charlie's  persistence in always improving and expanding his business still lingers on, as one can see. Serving the public was his goal, and we hope to carry it on for a long time to come. What Charles and his family saw many years ago still goes on at Rockaway Beach. That calm, relaxed atmosphere calls to those who enjoy the beautiful coast. The gracious hospitality Charles expressed and the utmost in fine dining still is maintained by Charlie's family. In the tradition he originated many years ago. This restaurant is a tribute we make to Charles Gust by having you dine where dining is at his best. The Gust family welcomes you to Rockaway Beach on the shores of the beautiful Pacific, in Pacifica, California.

Our best wishes, Charles, Anastasia, Nick, Lorraine, Kathy, Chuck and Lena.

Nick's Dining Room offers breakfast, lunch and dinner daily in a relaxed atmosphere with extraordinary views of the Pacific Ocean. Fresh seafood is always available and our extensive menu is sure to contain at least one of your cravings. Nick's bar and lounge is open daily for cocktails and appetizers and features live music and dancing on the weekends.

For Restaurant reservations please call: 650.359.3900
For Motel reservations please call: 650.359.3903

Listen to the sound of the waves rolling on the beach's edge. Hear the seagulls as the seem to float in the wind and play amid the glittering white waves. Watch and wonder at the pelicans as the dive. Then, sit and sense the calmness of this beautiful cove, Rockaway Beach gives to its visitors. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle Nick's restaurant and Sea Breeze Motel welcome and invite you to unwind.

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner:

Monday thru Thursday open @ 11am
and 10am for Summer hours beginning May 29th
Monday Holidays open @ 9am
Friday open @ 9am
Saturday and Sunday open @ 8am
Sunday thru Saturday open until 10pm
Friday and Saturday open Bar until 1am
Live music on Friday and Saturday
Sunday Jazz, check Music Calendar

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